Dental and Oral Health Care for TN. DF With Complaints of Dental Tartar
Nur Fauziah Yulyanti, Deru Marah Laut, Dewi Sodja Laela, Yonan Heriyanto
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Description of mother's knowledge about brushing a child of 6-12 years old at the dental poly of health center
Habibah Nurul Aini, Irwan Supriyanto, Devy Octaviana, Eliza Herijulianti
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7-14 Pages

Correlation Of Cariogenic Drinking On The Prevalence Of Dental Carries In Elementary School Age Children
Assyifa Fadilah Dwiputri, Yenni Hendriani Praptiwi, Tiurmina Sirait, Isa Insanuddin
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Description Of Parents' Knowledge About Dental Growth And Prevention Of Tooth Carries
Noorrahma Nova Hidayah, Nining Ningrum, Tiurmina Sirait, Dewi Sodja Laela
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Description Of Pregnant Women's Knowledge About Nutrition Information For The Development Process Of Dental Seed
Putri Sri Wahyuni, Eliza Herijulianti, Nurul Fatikhah, Ulfah Utami
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The Effect Of The Use Of Active Charcoal On Teeth Color Changes (Literature Study Of The Use Of Active Charcoal In The Field Of Dental Health)
Tika Puji Lestari, Denden Ridwan Chaerudin, Megananda Hiranya Putri, Isa Insanuddin
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Level of Knowledge and Behavior Dental Care on Street Busker Community
Angga Koswara, Sri Mulyanti, Ulfah Utami, Nurul Fatikhah
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The Effect of Jicama On Changes in Saliva Oral Cavity
Ulliana, Shinta Wijayanti S, Baby Prabowo Setyawati, Winarno
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Inhibitory Content Of Salam Leaves Extract (Eugenia Polyantha Wight) And Identification Of Contaminated Bacteria Colonies In Dental Brush
Megananda Hiranya Putri, Neneng Nurjanah, Eliza Herijulianti, Ulfah Utami
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Dental health maintenance behavioral factors of elementary school students on the event of dental carries
NINING NINGRUM, Eliza Herijulianti, Tiurmina Sirait
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